Bina Internet Ke Tv Kaise Dekhe Mobile Me

Bina Internet Ke Tv Kaise Dekhe Mobile Me

Friends, I will tell you in this post that how you can watch TV in your mobile without Internet.You have read many articles and you have seen a lot of videos on YouTube. but if we say that without internet TV will run 100% without Internet The TV will run because today you are reading this post at TechnicalDilshad.Com but you are not told anything wrong here. Is refined,


If you want to run your own Android mobile TVs in your android mobile, then it is important to keep in mind that if you want to run your TV without internet, then your mobile needs to get the network Whether it is a network of internet, whether it is any kind of network, but we are not talking about running a TV on the Internet, we are talking about here, B how to watch TV on the internet,

What happens in this, if you want to run your TV without internet, it does not matter if the Internet does not fit your mobile, the network has not been created, or whether your mobile is shimmering or not Yes, that is simple, even if you do not have SIM in your mobile, you can still run your TV on the mobile, without internet,

So if there is no sim in your mobile, then the question is, how to get a network on your mobile, and how can you watch TV without internet, friends, I am not telling you that you are without a network TV You can see, it is important to keep in mind that if you do not have any type of network in your mobile, then you can not watch TV on your mobile, so here I have taken a method. Sensex would do nothing for your mobile needs of the internet and will be your mobile network shim, and see the Internet as you TV without

For this you have to open the Chrome browser in your mobile, and there you have to type in the Google search (TV tuner for mobile India) and after that, you have to search, and you have a lot of TV tuner mobile product coming in front of you. And you'll see a TV tuner on a different side, like EBuddy Amazon Flipkart, you can buy a TV tuner from any of these websites,

But before buying a TV tuner, it is important to take care of some things, as if the site you are buying a TV tuner, whether the website can deliver to the TV tuner in the place where you live, and The other thing is to keep in mind that the place where you live, there is a TV tuner network or not, because if there is no network of TV tuners in your area, then this product will not work, and And your money can also be west

What is TV tuner, if you have a TV tuner network in your area, you can use the TV tuner in your mobile, watch the TV without the Internet, the TV tuner friends are put in the mobile where the mobile Charging charging pins are set in, friends are installed on the TV tuner, and there is an antenna in the TV tuner, which captures the network of TV tuners. And, during this time, you can easily run your TV without internet, if you have a network of TV tuners in the area.
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