how to create a blog website free and cheap in 2019

how to create a blog website free and cheap in 2019

Hii friends, How to create a blog? And it is only in everyone's mind. How to make money from the blog, I am going to tell you all in this article today. That's how you can make a good blog. And how can you make money from that blog? Making money with blogging is not easy. Because here you can not get success overnight. You have to give some time here. And to keep working. Going back you can earn good money from blogging.

The blogging platform is a good way to create an identity on the internet so that you can earn very good earnings. Today, millions of bloggers are making millions of rupees by creating blogs. If you want to earn online from blogging then you can generate an online income by creating a blog. I'm going to tell you two best options for blogging. 01- Blogger and 02- WordPress

Most people would think that creating a blog would require HTML coding. I do not need to learn coding to create a blog to remove the illusion of your brain. There are some platforms so that you can create a professional website without coding. Such as - Blogger and WordPress.

Can make a great online income from Blogger and Wordpress blog. Therefore, I am going to tell you this article. How do you make a blog in hindi Make money by creating a blog. blogger tutorial

how to create a blog in blogger-

Before you make a website on Blogger, let me tell you all. That all of you are given a free hosting in Blogger. Whoever means that you can easily create a blogger blog, also without spending money on it. All you need to buy a custom domain

So we know What are the things you can create a blog from how to use blogger

• Blog Topic: - Before making a blog, all you need to do is select a Blog topic. This will mean that you will continue to work on that topic. More visitors will also come. This will increase your online income. If all of you have a new topic You can publish the article by writing articles on that topic.

• Gmail Accounts: - It is very important to create a Gmail account first to create an account on Blogger. This means that you have to create a blogger account.

Custom domain: - It is very important to get a custom domain to rank the website. Because Google also promotes the Custom Domain website. The approval of Adsense on the custom domain is very easy. If you do not know the benefits of the Custom domain, then you can read the article here. Benefits of Custom Domain Name in BlogSpot Blog in Hindi

• Responsive Template: - On Blogger, you get a lot of templates available for free. But that template is not SEO Friendly and Responsive Template. This means that visitors will not like to see your website. If you all want to have SEO friendly and Responsive Template on your website then you can download Template on my website

by this way you can create a beautiful blog website .i hope you will like this article please share tjis article in your whatsapp and friends.thankyou
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