how to get custom url for youtube channel

how to get custom url for youtube channel

hello welcome you my blog.Friends today i am going to show you how you can get a custom url for your youtube channel so,friends after getting this term custom url you all are thinking that what is it?
so, a custom url is a simple url address of your youtube channel for example-the default url of your youtube channel will its very Confucius  to share and remeber the link so there is option that make your youtube channel url easy to remember.
how to get custom url for youtube channel

Who are eligible to get the custom url feature!

so friends now main topic is here that who can get this option on there channel of as youtube submitted some criteria for good options like monitization ,superchat etc.this feature of youtube is given to those channel who has crossed over 100 Subscribers on there youtube channe,.Its very low requirement to get this feature but very good for those channel who are started recently.

How to get this  custom url feature.

  • for getting this feature you have to go on your youtube app or in browser there you have to just signin the youtube .
  • than you have to go on the creator studio.
  • click on channel in left menus than a page will open than scroll down and click on the custom url.
  • now there you will get two options one of default custom url and other if you want to add any prefix in the url just choose whatever you want ohk
  • submit and confirm ther process . s
have you have created custom url for youtube channel.
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