How to make thumbnail for YouTube video in android phone easy

How to make thumbnail for YouTube video

How to make thumbnail for YouTube video

What is thumbnail?
 Today we will discuss about what is thumbnail ?
 So !thumbnail is very important part in YouTube videos by thumbnail you can attract the visitors to your youtube video this will help you to increse views of your youtube video very helpful,today i will give very important tips to make a attractive thumbnail for your youtube video and pay attention to this points.

Which app is best for thumbnail making?
I will give you the link of the app and provide you the instructions of the app to make the thumbnail.

Things to pay attention when making a thumbnail

  • choose a dark background.dark background will help you to make the text very highlighted so that user can easily click on it.
  • place the proof of the thing that means a RESULT will attract the user very fast,so place the screenshot of the proof .
  • also place the image of yours.this is very quick trick to attract thr user .user always think and prefer to go on the website which is having a facecam remember this.
  • write the text with red or yellow color and make their border dark with black colour this will highlight yiur text.

So these are the things which makes your thumbnail a attractive one..

Procedure to make the thumbnail of youtube video-
1-open the thumbnail maker app.
How to make thumbnail for YouTube video

2-click on background and select any dark colour like royal blue or black.
How to make thumbnail for YouTube video

3-click on text type it after that select the bold one and colour like red yellow pink etc and tap on next make text bit 3d and than tap on next . highlights with black colour by draging the highlighter.

4 -place screenshot of proof.

5-click on save as jpg

Hurrah!!you maked a best thumbnail.

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